Highmoon Press

Highmoon Press is the publishing imprint of author Daniel M. Perez, producing written works in digital and print format in the fields of fiction, essays, memoirs, interactive fiction, and roleplaying games.

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Highmoon Press products are available at the Highmoon Press store and on DriveThruRPG.com.


Highmoon Press publishes two zine titles on a semi-regular basis:

  • Rhymes With Seen is a personal zine containing essays, photography, fiction, etc, dealing with topics chosen by the author.
  • Zine of Wondrous Power is a tabletop hobby gaming zine containing essays, small games, and supplemental gaming material for a variety of roleplaying games.


Founded in 2004, Highmoon Games was a game publishing imprint created during the heyday of the Open Game License and d20 System as a vehicle to publish game supplements for Dungeons & Dragons, and other compatible games. As sole owner, Daniel not only created some of the products produced, he also helped freelance writers bring their products to the market, partnered with other gaming companies to produce support material for their game lines, and was entrusted with continuing product representation for companies that left the industry.

Daniel ran the company full-time until the death of his mother in 2009 resulted in a shift in priorities, and he went on to become a registered nurse. In 2018, Daniel launched Highmoon Press as a new venture for a new phase in his life.