A Social Break

I’m taking a month off from social media. I logged off Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (with one exception) and after only one day, I can feel both the antsiness of not having something to fidget with every couple minutes, and the relief of not having the barrage of posts flying at me.

Social media has been a lifeline for me, allowing me to stay in touch with friends all over the States and other parts of the world, especially during the pandemic where any hope of meeting with local friends and acquaintances was pretty much nil. But that benefit comes with the garbage of 24-7 doomscrolling as the world burns. And yes, there’s a good argument for being staying informed of important events in the nation and the world, but you also get the dumb stuff that passes for news as well as a non-stop barrage of news and reactions that make you lose all hope for humanity.

While 2020 was a record year for doomscrolling, 2021 isn’t staying far behind either. And while I try my best to filter the world through my phone, it still affects me. I had already been thinking about taking a break, and when I found myself checking social media every 15 minutes caught up in the schadenfreude of someone digging their own metaphorical grave, I knew it was time to walk away.

I am keeping my DanielHighmoon Instagram active because it’s all about nature vistas and people hiking, and that makes me happy.

I already find myself with more time than I realized I had, so I’m looking forward to doing more productive things this month. I’ll be doing a month-long Bible study on Proverbs via He Reads Truth (wanna join me?). I also would like to read at least two books, get the backlog of hiking videos I left pending while I worked on THRU-HIKER produced and published, and write on this blog more. More than anything, I’d like to just be.

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