A Much Needed Reset

I’m writing this from a small barn-turned-cabin warmed by a wood-burning stove, the only sounds those of my wife turning the pages on her book, the crackling of the fire, and my daughters thinking out loud what colors they want to paint their doggie-shaped crafts (pink and black are the clear winners). Outside, a foot of snow stretches over the open field all around us, a beautiful carpet of frozen white. I’m living my snowy cabin dreams and I love it.

We took this much-needed vacation despite the heavy snow of a couple days prior because, honestly, the worst-case scenario being us getting snowed in didn’t seem that bad at all. Both my wife and I desperately needed this vacation, and we were rewarded with perfect winter weather. As a bedside nurse at a hospital, the last few months have been busy and downright brutal at times, and I’ve been running on fumes for too long.

Coming to the cabin has been the much-needed reset I needed. I was feeling as if the weight world was on my shoulders, and it’s been good to let the that go. At the very least (though quite importantly) I don’t feel physically ill thinking about having to go back to work next week. Regularly spaced days off at home help to keep the doldrums at bay, but it takes something a bit more drastic, like this winter vacation, to purge all that toxicity and start anew.

In that spirit, I’m taking the opportunity to carry that reset to other areas of my life. Without making a big fuss about it or any grand declarations, I’m recommitting to eating more in-tune with nature, to following more sustainable practices, to being more active. I didn’t exactly stop doing these things, but I certainly slowed down and compromised a lot more. I felt better overall while I was living those practices and ideals, so I know I can do it, and the benefits that come along with them.

I’m also resetting my personal projects arena to simplify and consolidate my creative work. I’m relaunching my blog and general online home under the “brand” DanielHighmoon.com. This will bring together my YouTube channel, my blog, and my written work in all genres, with Highmoon Press continuing to be the publishing imprint. My first project of 2021 will be the flagship of this new identity as I bring together all my different interests into a more synergistic whole.

So here’s to this much needed reset, and the new starts it brings. Thank you for being a part of them.

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