A Farmers Market Bounty

Last week I went to the Farmers Market for the first time this year. To say I was excited would be to put it mildly; aside from this journey to eat well I’m on, I’ve always loved going to the Farmers Market, and the pandemic had put a huge damper on that. So, with my daughters along for the ride, we hit two of the local markets.

Going to the market with two small girls on a warm afternoon went about as well a you imagine. My oldest’s interest was strictly limited to whatever could be considered a snack, while my youngest walked around saying hi to everyone like she owned the place. There were a few lines for vendors in which the girls simply didn’t have the patience to queue up, and they weren’t necessarily interested in the groceries dad was picking up, but I still liked having them along with me so they can be exposed to the market, and the fact that food comes from people, not just the supermarket. I went to the second Farmers Market by myself, where I was able to pick up the produce I had to skip at the previous one. The vendor selection at each market was different, so I was able to pick up a nice variety of products, as well as make mental notes on who to watch out for at a later date.

So what did I get? At the first market I got a bottle of farmhouse buckwheat saison beer from Deer Creek Malthouse; maple syrup and mustard from Whiskey Hollow Maple; cupcakes from Tat’s Yummies (which we ate right at the market!); and eggs, lamb sausage, chorizo, and bacon from Canter Hill Farm. At the second market I picked up sourdough and whole grain sandwich bread from Big Sky Bread; and Amish-made smoked cheddar cheese, peppers, garlic, onions, carrots, asparagus, kale, and the most delicious strawberries from Hillside Acres Farm. An awesome bounty.

I spent $130 on all my purchases, which is, yes, a pretty penny, but I believe it was all worth it. The meat is all pasture-raised, the eggs fresh from the farm, the beer made by the couple who sold it to me, the produce picked just days prior to me buying it. I may not necessarily be able to buy like this all the time, but when I can, why wouldn’t I? The food is amazing, and I’m supporting local farmers and vendors. That it’s all also good for me and my family is like the cherry on top!

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