RHYMES WITH SEEN – Quaranzine/Apr 2020 Now Available

The new Quaranzine/Apr 2020 Issue of Rhymes With Seen is now available for sale in print and PDF at the Highmoon Press store.

Rhymes With Seen
Quaranzine – Apr 2020

16 pages


  • Welcome to Quaranzine, An editorial for the zine and the new era of Rhymes With Seen.
  • Family Moments, where I talk about the things I treasure during this time of sheltering in place.
  • The Lonely Burden of Being a Nurse, an essay on why I don’t talk about my job.
  • Feb – Apr, snippets of life through pictures, my record of this defining time.

* * *

Rhymes With Seen is a personal zine by Daniel M. Perez featuring essay work on current events and world culture, opinion pieces, memoirs, and maybe some comedic observations. Maybe. The zine also showcases his creative side with short-form fiction, samples from larger works, behind-the-scenes of works-in-progress, and some photography. No poetry cause he sucks at it, promise.