Signs of Life (Kinda)

Highmoon Games Again I haven’t been in this online space for a few months for various reasons. Life has a tendency to careen through and then you blink and Christmas is over and it’s already February of 2020. I’ve also been writing more games, so I’ve been more active on my games blog, Highmoon Games Again

I’m still here, though, even if as I write that it’s only to tell you that, much like I did last year around Lent, I’ll be taking a social media break. It’ll most likely include the blog as well, although that’s the one space I may still come to, since it’s all about transmitting out.

After my break, whatever it looks like, I know I want to come back here regularly. I greatly enjoyed the time a couple of years ago when I was blogging daily, and while I don’t know I can go back to that schedule, I can certainly put out one or three posts a week. I also want to restart my essay zine, Rhymes With Seen, if not as the quarterly publication I once envisioned, at least as a whenever-I-can book, even if it’s yearly.

Faint signs of life, but life nonetheless. Have faith.