I Love Living In Delaware

I’ve only been living in Delaware for six months, but I can say that I love it up here. The First State may not necessarily be many people’s first choice for a place to move to from “sunny” Florida, but for me being here has been a revitalizing breath of fresh air.

First of all, I have seasons again in my life, something I greatly missed from my time in the Midwest. When we arrived in February, it wasn’t long before we got snow, and it was a joy to see my daughter playing in it like she was in her own version of Frozen. Yes, I had to shovel snow and remember to carry an ice scraper in my car again, but those were small prices to pay for the beauty of a white, snowy field, especially the beautiful fields in northern Delaware and Pennsylvania. Spring eventually came around, and with it the explosive bloom of thousands of flowers and trees, and now Summer is here with the heat, the rain, the humidity (not as bad as in Florida), and most important of all, the fireflies. Farmer’s Markets are open for business, local seasonal produce is available in stands everywhere, and did I mention the fireflies? I love living with the seasons, and I cannot wait for Fall!

There’s also the absolutely gorgeous landscape all around me. I am rarely more than 15 minutes away from the border with Pennsylvania, and its lush, hilly countryside. I absolutely love driving those backroads, skirting farm fields, weaving in and out of the woods, crossing streams and creeks and rivers as I find little towns and villages to explore. To add to my delight, there are dozens of covered bridges in the general area, a few only a small drive from my house, and lots and lots of barns to fuel my delight. These country backroads have become my favorite place to recharge.

Then there’s our house, our home. I’ve pretty much lived in apartments all my life, and to have this place which belongs to us, which we get to live in and grow in, where we lay down roots as our girls turn from babies to toddlers to kids, it’s amazing. There are days when it feels like a dream, when I have to remind myself that our little house is now a part of our lives, that I’m not renting, that we’re there for good. It’s a sense of permanence that I never thought I’d reach, and a welcome change for the nomad I have been for the past six years.

There are more reasons why I like about living in Delaware, like how I can be in a bunch of big cities in no more than two to three hours (Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York, Washington DC), or be in at the beach, or the mountains, or the farmlands if that’s more what I’m craving. Suffice to say that I really have come to love living up here, and I look forward to Delaware not only being the place from where my lovely wife comes from, but also the place that our family gets to call home.


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