A (Re)Start

In the last six months, I’ve moved to a new state, started a new job, and become a homeowner, among a number of other new things. Along the way, I dropped plans, projects, and ideas I had in the past—starting with this blog—because life is different and I still haven’t figured out where do those fit now, if anywhere at all.

Writing this is a formal acknowledgment that this marks the start of a new phase in the history of this blog, but that I have no idea yet what that phase will look like. It will certainly reflect that which holds my attention now, some of which overlaps with my interests from before though not to the same degree of importance, that much I do know.

For someone who has expressed himself best using the written word most of his life, I’m finding this post fairly hard to write.

Life is different than the last time I kept up with this blog. I’ve dropped all the projects I was working on, and I’m not sure if I’ll bring them back. I have new interests, new likes, and new responsibilities which shape the time I have and where my attention lies. This is my attempt at hopefully bringing this blog into my new reality, although independent of whatever came before. We’ll see how it goes.


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