The End Is The Beginning

God has a sense of humor.

One of the most profound lessons I’ve learned, and one that took me a bit to internalize, is that God is in control, and things happen in His time, not mine. As the joke goes, “Wanna make God laugh? Make plans.”

Going into the fall, we made plans for the coming year. After pursuing what we thought would be our next step, and I mean pursuing it intentionally and with dedication, and seeing that it wasn’t panning out, we finally realized that maybe the doors weren’t opening because it wasn’t our time yet. God was talking, but it took us a while to listen. Once we took the time and understood that things had happened for a reason, we surrendered ourselves to God’s will, and accepted our new reality, one in which we would be staying where we were. More than accepted, we embraced it, thanking God for all the good things He had done for us.

When my second daughter was born, we had an inkling of the reasons why God had kept us where we were. Though those were terrible times I don’t care to think about much anymore, every day I gave thanks to God for having us at the right place and the right time, because the what-ifs that come up had we been somewhere else were simply far too frightful to consider. And so we settled in.

But God has a sense of humor.

Sometimes in order to start something new you gotta tear down all that was there before. I did this last year when I closed Highmoon Games in order to launch Highmoon Press. Sometimes, the end is the beginning. And so it is now with our life.

Once we had shown that we trusted Him to lead us, to watch for us, to take us to the right place by His will, that’s when God said, Okay, you’re ready. Things that had seemed impossible for over two years became not just a possibility, but a reality in a matter of weeks starting over the Thanksgiving break. Doors not only opened for us, but red carpets were rolled out for us to walk in with fanfare.

Where we had been ready, willing, and happy to stay in Florida, we suddenly found ourselves with plans in motion to finally move to Delaware.

This has not been without upheavals and a fair amount of stress, but overall we are thrilled to finally be making this move to a place where we will have better family support, and be able to set roots, a place for our girls to call home and to grow up.

Like I welcomed God’s will staying in Florida, I now welcome it moving up north, and like the ancient Ouroboros, the beginning is the end is the beginning.