RHYMES WITH SEEN Prologue Issue Now Available

The Prologue Issue of Rhymes With Seen is now available for sale on PDF at DriveThruFiction.

Rhymes With Seen
Prologue Issue – Dec 2018

  • “Welcome to Rhymes With Seen,” an introduction to the zine and its creator.
  • “Starting at the Beginning,” where I talk about why I’m doing this zine.
  • “How I Learned to Love Christmas,” a look at my long, twisty, and ultimately amazing relationship with the most wonderful time of the year.

* * *

Rhymes With Seen is a personal zine by Daniel M Perez featuring non-fiction/essay work, including commentary on current events and world culture, opinion pieces, memoirs, and maybe some comedic observations. Maybe. The zine will also feature entries of a more creative nature, be they short-form fiction, samples from larger works, behind-the-scenes word sketches of works-in-progress, and perhaps some photography. No poetry cause Daniel sucks at it. He promises.

Rhymes With Seen will be published quarterly throughout 2019, with a Prologue issue in December 2018, and an Epilogue issue in January 2020.


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