Launching RHYMES WITH SEEN, A Zine Publication

During 2018 I developed an interest in zine projects, especially the kind that featured personal essays along with other content of interest to the creator. The courage and vulnerability that it takes to create such a project appealed to me from the moment I heard that zines were still a thing in the twenty-teens. Once I saw examples of the format in action, primarily by following two zines published during 2018, I knew I wanted to do something along those lines as well. It took many months of thinking purposely about it, mulling the idea over in my head, considering possible formats and content, and coming up with a name that gave the project a unique identity. As we come to the close of 2018, I am happy to announce a new zine project for 2019, Rhymes With Seen.

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Who Is Creating Rhymes With Seen?

Hi, I’m Daniel. I’ve been writing for most of my life, a combination of fiction, games, and non-fiction. I’m Puerto Rican, live in Orlando, Florida, where I work as a nurse educator at one of the local hospitals. I’m married to a wonderful woman who puts up with a ridiculous amount of dad jokes, and I’m a father to two wonderful daughters, the oldest a very spirited toddler, the youngest a cute and cuddly, tough-as-nails warrior. I have varied interests, from pop culture to ancient cultures, from fantasy/sci-fi to tear-jerker dramas, faith and religion, history and travel, games and education, and many more. All of these inform and influence my writing, and all will find their way, in one shape or another, into the pages of Rhymes With Seen.

What Is Rhymes With Seen?

Zines are small-run publications hyperfocused on specific topics, put together by a small group of people or one person, and uncompromisingly reflecting the vision of the creator(s). They take the magazine idea and bring it to a small scale that’s doable by regular people with regular tools in order to spread ideas of interest to niche groups. Or to quote,

“some sort of publication, usually mass-produced by photocopying (in some cases, scanned, put on the ‘net, or copied via fax) on any range of topics, but usally [sic] filled with passion. a means of telling one’s story, sharing thoughts, and/or artwork/comics/doodles.”

Rhymes With Seen is a personal zine featuring my non-fiction/essay work, including commentary on current events and world culture, opinion pieces, memoirs, and maybe some comedic observations. Maybe. The zine will also feature entries that showcase my creative side, be they short-form fiction, samples from larger works, behind-the-scenes word sketches of works-in-progress, and perhaps some photography. No poetry cause I suck at it. I promise.

The zine will be published primarily in electronic format via PDF, with other digital formats, such as mobi and ebook, following throughout the year, and a collected print volume after the run has ended.

Why Rhymes With Seen?

When I first encountered the word ‘zine’ long ago, it was in writing, and I never particularly thought about the pronunciation. Once I started being exposed to zines again this year, and more importantly, started talking about them out loud, I realized that, although I know the word derives from the ‘magazine’ (which I know perfectly well how to pronounce), my innate tendency was to pronounce ‘zine’ differently, not as zeen, but as zaine, (pronounced like mine). Every single time, without fail, I would pronounce the word wrong, then correct myself. I fixed this my reminding myself that zine rhymes with seen. Not only had I found a mnemonic to help me pronounce the word correctly, I had also found the name of my zine.

This rather commonplace origin, however, hides the layers of meaning the name brought out, which ultimately are what convinced me that Rhymes With Seen was the right name for the project.

See My Work

I want my work to be seen. I don’t write for fame and fortune. Writing is not my job, not how I make a living. Writing is who I am, what I do because I have to and need to. I write for myself first and foremost, but I also like to share what I write. Some things I share on my blog, others I have shared via publication, and a few via private correspondence. Rhymes With Seen gives me a vehicle to share my work, diverse as it may be, all in one place and at regular intervals.

See My Thoughts

I want my thoughts to be seen. I don’t believe my thoughts and opinions carry any more weight than someone else’s, but I do have things to say about various subjects, especially after thinking about some of them for a long time. I have personal insights to share, amusing anecdotes to tell, indignant opinions to hurl, passionate views to shout from the virtual mountaintops. And maybe, if I’m lucky, to have meaningful conversations stemming from those.

See My Self

I want to be seen. Kinda. I’m not an attention-seeker, and I get uncomfortable being the center of attention, so it’s not that kind of ‘seen’ I’m looking for; I’m happy to present my work and fade into the background. I am, however, this wonderful mess of identities—Puerto Rican, Latin, American, cis-male-but-not-macho-bullshit-male, white-passing, Christian, Jew, to name some—and I struggle with parts of me wanting to be more represented while parts of me want to disappear from view (which part wants to do what change constantly, too). I know I’m not alone in this identity struggle, and I want and need to be visible for myself, and for others struggling as well.

When Will Rhymes With Seen Be Available?

Rhymes With Seen will be published quarterly throughout 2019, starting in February, with a Prologue issue published in December 2018, and an Epilogue issue published in January 2020.

Where Can I Find Rhymes With Seen?

The best place to find Rhymes With Seen is as part of my Patreon at, where supporters at the Super Fan ($5) tier receive each issue in their inbox a week prior to wide release.

Rhymes With Seen digital issues will be sold wide via Etsy at, with other markets being added throughout the year.