Raiders Of The Lost Jedi Temple

I’ve been in the mood for gaming for a while, and I know that I want to play some sci-fi, ship-and-a-crew kind of game because that’s where my mind has been most of this year. Couple this with me re-watching The Last Jedi recently on Netflix, and it dawned on me that I know what kind of game I’d like to play, because it’s something I’ve been sorta mulling since The Force Awakens was first teased to the world years ago.

When TFA was first teased, this image captured my imagination:


So far in Star Wars, we had only seen all these neat ships up in space, doing their thing. Yes, we were told events had happened in the past, and the Falcon got called old, but aside from the skeleton of a Kryat dragon on Tattooine, there was no true sense of time, of history. Suddenly in TFA, we see this Imperial Star Destroyer crashed on a planet, and not just crashed, but damaged, corroded by not only war but time. Suddenly time has passed in Star Wars in a concrete way. Then we meet Rey, and she’s picking through the ruins of this time long ago.


Rey’s a scavenger, a treasure hunter by necessity, picking through the carcasses of the last great war. In fact, Jakku has a whole economy based on picking these rusting hulks clean of anything valuable. To the people of Jakku it’s all about food, about survival, but surely there had to have been others, those who came to pick through the fallen giants for whatever power they could wrestle from the dead. Or those who came to salvage what they could to document the follies of history for future generations. Or those who came to keep bad people from acquiring resources that could turn them into the next dictatorial regime on a local or interstellar level.

Then while watching TLJ, I asked myself, how the hell did Luke find Ahch-To in the first place? Jedi Master Luke might be, but that doesn’t instantly make him a master researcher, or archeologist, or travel planner. No, I bet Luke had a lot of the source material needed to eventually find Ahch-To, but he needed a professional to help, someone that could comb through all the data and lead the expedition to find the lost first Jedi Temple. So much like his mentor Obi-Wan Kenobi had once done back in Mos Eisley so long ago, Luke set about to find himself an expert.

I bet Luke hired a scavenger, a treasure hunter with great skill and questionable morals that could take on this quest but keep their mouth shut. Someone able to move almost unnoticed through the mess left in the galaxy. Someone with their own ship, their own crew, beholden to no one.

And that’s the game I’d like to play, a the captain of a crew of scavengers criss-crossing the galaxy, investigating the ruins of the Old Republic, navigating the overgrown battlefields of the Clone Wars, digging up artifacts from abandoned Jedi Temples, taking on private jobs for academies, collectors, and museums, and even for an enigmatic man paying extremely well for a hush-hush quest to find a planet no one has ever heard of in search of the mythical birthplace of the Jedi Order. I wanna play Indiana Jones in a galaxy far, far away.