NaNoWriMo – Week 3

November is National Novel Writing Month—NaNoWriMo—and I decided to join in at the last minute. I’ve written about Week 1-ish, and Week 2, and here’s an update on Week 3. I’m also doing the #NaNothatWriMo 30-day picture challenge I found on Instagram to have a little fun. I’ll post weekly digests of the topics, but you can also follow along on the Highmoon Press Instagram account.

Week 3 was great on my personal life, since I got to travel up north to see family and enjoy the last cool/cold days of Autumn before Elsa does her thing and freezes everything, but that meant working extra hours, getting everything ready for the trip, then heading out. Writing time was limited, although more regular; I’ve learned to make use of my lunch break at work to type away a couple hundred words, and that helps a lot. I also got to write a little while on vacation, which is also excellent. Not sure I’ll even make it to 10,000 words before the end of the month, to be honest, but I’m more focused on the fact that I have a story flowing.
Day 18. Notebook or Computer. Computer all the way for me. I’m okay making some notes on paper, but give me a screen and keyboard to write, please and thank you.
Day 19. Favorite Mug. I’m loving my new YETI Rambler mug. It keeps my coffee, tea, or cider warm for hours, perfect for when you start writing and forget about your drink.
Day 20. Book That Made You Want To Write. There’s no one book that did it, but rather a library of literary and pop-culture muses, both in English and Spanish. That said, these two stand out:
Although I’d already been wiring little plays, songs, and poems by 5th and 6th grade, learning to play Dungeons & Dragons in 7th grade made me want to tell long stories. Gaiman’s Neverwhere was a catalyst in making me want to write seriously, in listening to the need inside me to tell stories and telling them to the best of my ability.
But really, shout out to folk singers and storytellers, movies and TV shows, comics in English & Spanish, to my Garcia Marquez, Cortazar, and every single Puerto Rican author I was forced to read in elementary school.
Day 21. Where Are You Writing Wednesday. It’s a travel day for me, going to visit family up north, so no writing per se, but certainly some productive note-taking during the flight. ✒📕✈
Day 22. Writing Playlist. I don’t write with music in the background, as I find it distracting. During November I’ve been listening to the Bonfire Folk station on Pandora for general autumn ambiance, but if I were to create a station for what I’m writing now, it’d be John Williams all the way.
Day 23. Must Haves. That would be either pen and paper or the laptop to write, and my Kindle for inspirational and educational reading.
Day 24. Creative Resources. Overwhelmingly, I’ve gotten the most creative juice out of my role playing games. Some I’ve played, some I’ve read, but they’ve all inspired me in a thousand different ways.

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