Projects Update October 2018 – Reality Check

This is a list of personal and professional projects I’m working on and where they currently stand three-quarters through 2018. I’m calling this update Reality Check because that’s precisely what life did to us when my daughter was born and had to spend three weeks in intensive care. Thank God she is now home and doing fantastic, but that period was fairly traumatic and forced me to reevaluate a lot of things about my life and work, not only at the moment, but ongoing as we deal with the fallout from that experience. As a result, priorities have shifted tremendously, and so has the project calendar for the rest of the year and well into the next.

LIVE PROJECTS – What I’m actively working on.

  • Patreon – While my Patreon is not a project unto itself, I list it here because maintaining it requires attention and time, so I must account for it. I need to work on growing it, but for now I’m happy keeping it alive as I work through other stuff.
  • Blog: Daniel/Highmoon – I continue to post, though my rate will likely remain once a week, with extra posts when I have more stuff to say. I’ll be dedicating the time to writing instead.
  • Fiction: One Foot In Front Of The Other – I continue to work on editing the novel, but it is slow going. I can tell you it will not be ready for publication in 2018, so I won’t be killing myself trying to make an arbitrary deadline. I’ll edit it properly, do rewrites, and release in 2019.
  • Fiction: Ufaratza (The Star Chronicles) – I finished the short story I was working on, clocking in at 6000 words. I am extremely happy with it. Yes, it needs editing and polishing, but this is a story I’ve been trying to tell for years and I finally did it. Even better, the larger world in which this story lives is so clear to me now! That’s why I’m using The Star Chronicles as a placeholder name for the larger world and story, because there is more to come.
  • Game: The Black Box Manifesto – Not a project per se, I mention it because it represents a philosophy in game design and publication intended to scaffold all my future gaming work.

SHELVED – Off my plate for now.

  • Game: Don’t You Forget About Me – Shelved but not forgotten.
  • Game: Unnamed Fantasy Project – It continues to brew on the backburner of my mind.
  • Essay: Gaming/Travel-related Project – The introductory essay I wrote for this project was published on my blog as Welcome to the Heartlands. No further development is planned at the moment.

I’ve learned a lot this year, and while I may have started with more grandiose goals that I now have to adjust, I am still pleased with my personal growth and development behind the scenes. I will spend what’s left of 2018 regrouping and making choices based on all I’ve learned this year, as I look forward to 2019.