PS4 Roundup: Dragons, Shipwrecks, and Titans (Oh, My!)

I haven’t talked about much lately about what I’m playing on my PS4 simply because I haven’t really been playing at all. I went almost two months without turning it on except to play movies, all the games stacked next to the console looking at me all sad and judgy. Truth is, if I have a free half-hour and I have to choose between playing a video game or writing I’ll choose writing. That said, writing is work and playing is relaxation, so I’m trying to code them differently in my schedule, so that I can do a little bit of both.

Last time I wrote about video games, I was playing Dragon Age: Inquisition, and guess what, I still am. This game is ridiculously grand in scope, and although I’ve advanced quite a bit since I started (after almost 100 hours of game time), I’m nowhere near the middle of the game, let alone the end. Some days I fire it up and I am all about clearing the map, doing the quests, smashing some monsters; other days I groan at the thought of all the stuff keeping me from straightforward achieving the main quest. I wonder if the fact that I went from Zelda in the original Nintendo to DA: I in the PS4 (let’s face it, the Wii I owned in between was just for party games) means I never developed the taste and stamina for these long games. I keep at it because DA scratches the D&D/fantasy RPG itch, although I wouldn’t be opposed to finding a cheat code online that would optimize my characters and let me just play.

Also, I fought my first dragon (the Fereldan Frostback, for those that know) after having avoided it for a few levels, and it made mincemeat of my level-12 party having taken only a third damage. And that’s supposed to be the easiest one to beat?! No bueno.

A couple months back I also bought a downloadable game from the PS Store called Dear Esther. It was on my list to check out, and it was on sale, so that was a no brainer. It seems to be more of a mood game than anything else, more similar to Mist than to anything else I’ve played. You find yourself (shipwrecked?) on an abandoned island, and as you explore it, you learn the story of Esther from letter fragments being read by an anonymous man. I’m looking forward to playing this on the new large TV we just got to enjoy the simple act of exploration.

Lastly, I just picked up Titanfall 2 at the pawn shop for a couple bucks. I don’t know much about this game other than it’s about piloting power armor/mecha, which tickles me pink. From what I read the game is far more of an online multiplayer experience, which I don’t care for, although it has a single-player campaign mode.

Looking at the gameplay makes me a little apprehensive since I’m not really into first-person shooter games, but the mecha piloting part still calls my attention so I’ll give it a spin (that is, when the stupid game finished downloading all the networking data that I’m never gonna use but need taking up space in my console just so I can play the single-player mode).

What about you? Are you playing something neat?