Ah, The Weekend

This was a long and emotionally draining week for me. On the plus side, I launched my Patreon, which while slow right now (well, empty, really), eventually I believe will help me connect with dedicated fans of my work. On the not-so-plus side, it was the anniversary of my mother’s death, and while expected, it still threw me for an emotional loop. In addition, I started and finished a short story where I finally got to let go of some stuff I’d been holding on for years dealing with Mom’s death, and while cathartic, it drained what little strength I had left. Add to that my usual three thirteen-hour days at work, and I find myself sliding into the weekend with a tank down to E, but nonetheless still running. On fumes, but still running.

Time to recharge my batteries this weekend.

Catch you next week, when I’ll be posting something I’ve been working on a while which I believe will make some waves.

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