Rushing To Rest

It’s been a very hectic two weeks at my house. My little family and I are flying up north for vacation with my wife’s family, a glorious seven-day getaway at the beach in Cape May, NJ. For that to happen, however, we have to endure exhausting work schedules in the two weeks leading up to our departure AND on the week of our return.

This isn’t a new issue, nor one limited to us in the medical field. This is an American issue, one stemming from the terrible laws that govern our country’s labor practices, the toxic workaholic nature of American culture, and predatory corporate policies. Where Europeans get something close to a month vacation time, much of it paid time off, Americans on average don’t take all their (already meager) vacation time, and have zero mandated days off, the only industrialized nation to do (or not do) so.

But I don’t intend to get on a soapbox about that right now (too late?). The point is that it’s a sucky situation when in order to get some time off to relax you have to amp up the stress you’re trying to escape, and know that upon your return it’s gonna be there waiting for you. It’s a horrible system, but it’s the American way (TM), and for now that’s what I have to work with. So off we go to rush around at work and getting things done in these last few days so that we can fly off to enjoy some well-deserved time off. And enjoy it we will.


    • Thanks! I’ve never been, and the pics look lovely. Very much looking forward to it!


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