Go Outside If You Can


It’s summer in Florida and it is hot. Temperatures are starting to reach the one hundreds Fahrenheit, and we’re not even in the truly hot part of the season. It’s hot. And humid. My point is that it’s not the type of weather where you want to be parading outside unless you like sweating like Niagara Falls. While cold places are enjoying their time of the year outside, Floridians are all about the air conditioned indoors. But being inside too much can be a bad thing, and I’m getting to that point.

The quote above is by Warren Ellis. He tends to close his newsletters with a little motivational message, and this is the one for this week. I found that it spoke to me directly, telling me what I needed to hear right now. I’m breaking the message into five statements and writing on how each of them spoke to me, and how I want to improve my situation as a result.

Going outside is a goal for me for this summer, not just to walk the dog, but purposely spending time outdoors. When I lived in Wisconsin and winter was all around, I would get desperate for just a glimpse of the sun, so now that I live in Florida I need to enjoy it. Going to the beach is the obvious outdoor activity when you live in the Sunshine State, and I’ve already inaugurated the 2018 beach season as you can see in the header pic, so I got that going. Beyond that, though, I would like to hit some of central Florida’s other outdoorsy attractions, including visiting a couple of our springs (already been to one, going to another in a week or so), and maybe one of our hiking areas. When I move from Florida, I want to feel that I did what was cool to do in Florida aside from the theme parks. Being outside should also help improve my vitamin D deficiency, and my mood.

I’m combining this goal with the previous ones I’ve written about, breathing and turning the volume down on the world. The idea is to have moments of peace and quite where I can gather my thoughts and not deal with sensory and information overload. I’m really hoping this practice will help me better my overall health, and put me in a more productive state of mind for the future.



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