Hi, my name is Daniel and I am an ideaholic. (Hi, Daniel!) I’m one of those people who’s always coming up with ideas for creative projects, always thinking of new things to do. Unfortunately, I am also a chronic starter and a terrible closer. I have a penchant for getting all excited about new projects that are fresh off the mental oven, but I have a tendency to shepherd them for a few weeks/months, then let them fizzle out. It’s a terrible combination, I’m well aware.

I love the rush of new ideas, but I’m actively working on taking them to completion, not just halfway through to be replaced by the next idea du jour. I’m also working on recognizing when an idea has legs, and when it’s just a cool idea and nothing more. This is the motivation behind the changes I made earlier this year with Highmoon Press, and why I continue to keep myself accountable as time goes by (although to be honest I need to get better at keeping myself accountable as well).

My creative projects are all luxury projects, ways for me to have a creative outlet. While I recognize I have the privilege of not having to depend on them for a livelihood, I should treat them as serious endeavors that need attention and dedication. Yes, there is a rush to starting a project, and yes the middle part can get tedious, but there is great satisfaction in seeing something taken to completion. I have taken enough projects from idea to final product to know this for a fact, and to remember how awesome it feels. I just need to do it consistently.

And to put words into action, I am taking a new project idea I’ve been brewing for the last couple months and moving it for development next year. I already have the right amount of projects on my plate for this year (I probably have one or two too many, but let’s not talk about that), and as much as I’m excited about this new shiny thing in my head, it isn’t the right time to work on it (even if it causes me a little bit of anxiety).

I actually enjoy being an idea person, and I don’t think that’s ever gonna change. Now I need to keep getting better at being an idea finisher. Having a list of completed projects is more satisfying than having a list of cool ideas that never go anywhere.