Dear Daniel:

Today you spent a good amount of your afternoon and early evening angry, seething even, over a situation that was out of your control at every step of the way. Yes, UPS said they attempted to deliver your new Kindle at home when you were there and know they did not, so I get it you would be upset. And yes, the customer service people at UPS were incredibly unhelpful, so I get it you would be upset. But you got downright angry, pounding-headache angry.

Here’s the thing, you only hurt yourself. Well, you were also an ass to some of the customer service people you spoke to, but let’s hope they didn’t take it personally beyond the moment you hung up. Ultimately, you only hurt yourself. No one at UPS will lose sleep over your package not getting delivered today, no one will pound their chest and scream “MEA CULPA!” as they look at the trail of calls I made, no one cares. They will redeliver the package tomorrow, and that’s that. But the headache you’ve had all afternoon, the scowl you’ve worn for hours, the pressure in your chest from keeping all that anger down, that’s all shit you’ve done to yourself.

And really, let’s have some perspective here, yes? This is a quintessential first world problem. Nothing about this situation affects your life or that of your wife or daughter, nor your livelihood, or where you live, or anything remotely important. We’re talking about a one-pound electronic toy, a luxury, that you’ve lived without forever, so what if it takes a day or two more to arrive? Where has been this level of anger for actual things that deserve it, like the corrupt government running our country, the blatant displays of racism, the rampant gun violence? Mind you, you don’t need to give yourself an aneurysm over those either, but let’s maybe express emotions appropriate to the situation, yes?

A week from the time you finally get your Kindle it won’t matter that UPS messed things up because you’ll be enjoying reading in your new, brighter ebook device, so take some Tylenol for that headache you still have and remember you can only control your actions and reactions, so do that.



  1. I will say this: It’s a culture problem. These sorts of customer service problems used to happen to me almost weekly. For years, living in multiple cities, across multiple states. You contract with a company to provide goods and services, you hold up your end of the deal (you pay and provide them with requested information) and they… don’t. Then they leave you with little or no recourse, make you feel small and powerless, and ignore you when you demand nothing more than what you are owed.

    In four years of living outside of the US this has only happened once. And I got a sincere apology immediately, and the issue was resolved with a real person easily available and no hoops for me to jump through. I say this today when, after being told an order would take two weeks (new glasses) they were ready in four business days.

    You say well, there are bigger problems in the world, and that’s true. But the way I see it, it all comes from the same place. UPS not giving a crap about your delivery is the same attitude, on a different scale, as the US government not giving a crap about Puerto Rico, mass shooters, and police brutality: We have power, you have none, sucks to be you.

    That’s why it’s so frustrating. Because it’s abusive. It’s endemic throughout society. And we’ve learned to just accept it as the status quo. to accept that we have no power and no recourse against those institutions that are so much bigger than us.

    It’s okay to be angry, because what They are doing is far from okay.

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    • You know, I hadn’t thought of it that way but you’re absolutely right. I had to accept that I wasn’t gonna win vs UPS, that I had no recourse except not giving myself a migraine, but it’s bullshit that that’s what it comes down to.

      I continue to get so sick of this country…


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