Dream Big: The RV Life

This dream is an example of how you should never stop dreaming as you grow older. Doing the RV thing was never really something I wanted for most of my life. Then I met my wife, and she told me about a big dream she had, to travel the country in an RV, living a more simple life, going on a daily adventure, exploring our cities and countryside. At first, I smiled politely, but her enthusiasm for her dream was so great, so real, that it wasn’t long before the dream had become ours.

In the four years that my wife and I have been together, we’ve talked about our RV dream a lot. There are days when we talk about taking the RV out for extended vacations, other days we talk about how we’ll spend our retirement days cruising the US on our RV, and then some days we fantasize about trading the sedentary life in one place for an ever-changing life on the road. There’s been more than a handful of occasions when we’ve thought out loud about both of us becoming full-time travel nurses living out of an RV, going from assignment to assignment in our mobile home, making some pretty good money and seeing the country at the same time.

Having kids (one here, one on the way) means that our initial RV dreams need to be modified a little since we’ll need space for them as well, but I think of going on a road trip with my little girl, taking her to see all sorts of natural wonders, sitting around a campfire next to our RV on a dark and starlit night, and I can’t help but smile. I also think of all the adventures that my wife and I could go on, exploring all manner of small towns along the way, checking out every little thrift and knick-knack store we find because that makes her happy, and also every donut shop we find because donuts are great (we even have an idea for a video show!).

We want to roam to our heart’s content, and the RV is a way to make that happen on an extended basis. If the United States was built on the idea of freedom and on the dominance of the motor vehicle over all other forms of transportation, then the RV is the harmonious synthesis of both ideas: a motor vehicle ready for extended trips into the wide open roads of America.

So this is our big, achievable dream, owning an RV that we can take out exploring wherever our hearts take us.