Harry Potter Y2K: New Wizarding Order

The hooded stranger apparated silently in the middle of Grimmauld Place. Dozens of hidden eyes were immediately on him, he knew, but in a cold, foggy evening as this, he was just another wizard bundled under a heavy cloak, trying to get home before curfew. He looked at the door of 12 Grimmauld Place for a second then turned and walked down the street, doing his best to leave the memories of that place behind. He walked to the end of the street, and into 1 Grimmauld Place, a perfectly regular, non-magical house, with regular, non-magical flowers by the door (lilies, of course); regular, non-magical door knocker, mail slot, and peephole; and regular, non-magical door, windows, and gate. The eyes he knew had been on him turned their attention back to the obvious target at 12 Grimmauld Place. Not that they would find anything to report. No one had been at that place in over two years, not since…

“They’re all here, in the parlor.” Her voice broke his reverie and pulled him back to the present.

He nodded, squeezed the young woman’s hand, and walked to the back of the house, his boots barely making any sound on the wooden floor. He walked into the parlor, and half-a-dozen people immediately looked up, their eyes wide, eager even, still untouched by the ravages of war. He pulled out his wand from under the cloak and whispered, “Muffliato.” Once he was sure this and all other prior charms were in place, he addressed the group.


I came across these WWII-style propaganda posters for a Harry Potter alternate universe where Voldemort wins, including some WANTED posters for the main characters. The images are quite evocative, and I can see the world of Voldemort’s New Wizarding Order clearly:

Everything goes according to the novels/movies up until the moment when Voldemort kills Harry in the Forbidden Forest and he brings the body up to Hogwarts to gloat. Neville still stands up to Voldemort, still urges everyone to fight… and in response the Death Eaters all fire killing curses at the teachers and students of Hogwarts. Dozens die instantly. As the bodies fall, the battle resumes, but the blow was too big; morale breaks in the Hogwarts ranks, Voldemort’s army surges forward, killing everyone in sight. The Hogwarts survivors escape as best possible, including Hagrid with Harry’s body, while Voldemort openly declares himself ruler of the Wizarding world, solidifying the hold his agents had already established in all government institutions. The New Wizarding Order officially begins.

“Listen up, you lot. If any of you wants out, this is the time. The raid on the Ministry will be in three days, and we can’t afford any last-minute quitters.” He let the words hang in the air for a moment, and when no one moved, he continued. “Our sources say Voldemort (he somewhat enjoyed seeing some of the young recruits squirm at the name) will absent from the Ministry on that date, which gives us our best shot. You will be given your instructions before the raid, as well as the rendezvous location. Good luck.”

“Sir,” a young man wearing a scarf in the Ravenclaw colors, “what about the rumors that Harry Potter was seen alive in America? Is it true?”

Within days half-blood and Muggle-born wizards and witches begin to disappear en masse, while skirmishes erupt on the streets as Death Eaters face the few brave souls willing to oppose them. The Hogwarts survivors organize into an underground resistance, establishing cells in all major cities and scattered around the countryside, striking at Voldemort’s forces and saving the persecuted from certain death. The members of Dumbledore’s Army travel the world training new resistance cells, keeping up the morale, and helping in major offensives, never staying in one place too long. Through this all, the legend of Harry Potter grows: while the official word from the New Wizarding Order is that Potter is dead, rumors of sightings all across the globe fuel the hope of young wizards and witches.

In the meantime, Voldemort has been busy creating new Horcruxes to replace the ones destroyed. No one knows what they are or how many he’s made beyond Nagini, the sole remaining original Horcrux, although intelligence smuggled out of the Ministry suggest Voldemort has made at least three new Horcruxes and is getting ready to make a fourth one.

It’s now Y2K, two years since the Battle of Hogwarts, and the resistance is ready to strike their first major blow, an attack on the Ministry of Magic. Recruits have traveled from all over Britain and beyond, ready to do their part to topple the evil regime, and defeat Voldemort once and for all.

This is a roleplaying campaign for sure, one I’d run or play in at the drop of a hat. I’d run it using something like Fate Accelerated Edition or the Lighthouse Roleplaying System for ease, letting players make up the spells based on their existing knowledge of the Harry Potter stories or whatever effect they wanted to achieve, emphasizing adventure and cinematic drama. During character creation, I’d also have each player choose an Icon, one of the original members of Dumbledore’s Army, all now wanted fugitives. The Icons would be inspirational figures that grant a character a conditional bonus, maybe making it a permanent bonus should they get to meet and train with their Icon.

“Harry Potter doesn’t matter. He may be alive, he may be dead, but it doesn’t matter. He did his part. Now we do ours. That’s all you need to worry about. Now, one by one through the portrait.”

When the last of the recruits had left through the tunnel behind Ariana Dumbledore’s portrait, the young woman entered the parlor and slipped her arms around the neck of the hooded stranger. “You were a bit rough with them.”

“I know. It’s for their own good.”

She pulled back his hood and gave him a kiss on his tousled black hair. “I miss you, you git.”

He turned around and gave her a kiss. “I miss you too, Ginny.”

The Third Wizarding War has begun. Grab your wand and join the fight.