Projects Update April 2018

This is a list of projects I’m working on and where they currently stand. These are all intended for public release via Highmoon Press, including freelance projects, though not including things I do on the blog. As of now, nothing has a set release date; they’ll be done when they’re done.

  • Novel: One Foot In Front Of The Other – I put the first chapter up on the blog as a treat and to overcome my own self-doubts about the book. I’m done editing Part 1 of the novel and will continue working on the rest. Although I’ve been lax in the last few weeks, this is my overall priority project.
  • Game: Don’t You Forget About Me – This is an evolution of my The Breakfast Club Lady Blackbird hack exploring teenage angst, identity, and friendship set in 1980s high school. I haven’t done much work on this beyond writing down notes on what I want to do with the game, and what parts I want to take from the source hack and develop. I have the basic skeleton of the new game, but there’s still a lot of fleshing out to be done.
  • Game: Unnamed Fantasy Project – This is my game exploring faith and conviction when faced with the arrival of a true Messiah. While I actually have a name for this project already, I’ll keep the moniker for now as it links related posts together. I have notes on various aspects of the game, in addition to whatever I’ve written about on the blog, but I’ll admit I still don’t know what final form this game will take.
  • Essay: Gaming/Travel-related Project – I started work on an essay about gaming and travel after being invited to contribute to an anthology. I haven’t heard back from the editor since submitting my idea and introduction, but I’ll keep working on it because I’m excited to write this essay, and I can always find a home for it if needed.

It’s admittedly not a whole lot, but it keeps me busy in between family life, work, and other obligations. I’ll share further updates in the future, as it helps me stay organized and on-track.