I Took A Week Off

Last week I took a week off from writing daily blog posts. It wasn’t a pre-meditated thing, as much as I’d like to claim some sort of mental sabbatical. It started with me having a fantastic weekend with my family, from going to the Wizarding World with my wife on Friday, to spending quiet time at home then bowling on Saturday, then church and naps and playtime on Sunday. Family time is a priority for me, and a 3-day weekend where we’re all off is not something to be taken for granted.

Normally I do my best to have a blog post scheduled for days when I work, but although I worked Monday and Tuesday, come Sunday night I had nothing. It was giving me a bit of anxiety because I’ve been really diligent about my daily posts, but I wasn’t going to sacrifice sleep to write a quick half-assed post simply to have something up on Monday. So I let it go, enjoyed my family time, and went to sleep.

On Monday I set up the skeleton of two blog posts, but that’s all I could do during my work breaks from my phone. Again, I was having a bit of anxiety over this, as I already knew there would be no post for Tuesday either; I’d get home, eat dinner, spend a little time with my family, then be off to bed to get ready for work the next day. Tuesday was even busier than Monday was, but I knew I’d be off Wednesday, so I could write then.

Wednesday I had an appointment with my doctor, which as it always goes, took way longer than expected. I needed to run some errands for the house, pick up meds, and get my daughter from daycare, so by the time I got home and sat at the computer to finish writing a blog post, it was already late in the afternoon. This is when I made the decision to skip the rest of the week, take my time writing what I wanted to write instead of haphazardly slapping a post together just for the sake of posting something.

You probably don’t really care about the reasons why I took a week off. Chances are you probably didn’t even notice, and if you noticed you didn’t think any of it. I wrote all that for me. I explained it all for me. Because I noticed I took a week off. Because I felt that it made a difference. Because I got anxious about not doing something that I do for fun, without obligation to anyone but myself, for no remuneration other than practicing my writing and organizing my thoughts.

So here’s the tl;dr (Too Long; Didn’t Read) version:
I took a week off and the world didn’t end. I took a week off and at first I was anxious about it, but then I embraced it. Writing this blog never comes before spending quality family time, or my day job, or my proper responsibilities, so if I need to skip a day or five it’s okay to do so. I give myself permission. There’ll be more days after the ones I skipped to write more posts.