Our First Anniversary

I grew up on fairytales. Mostly of the modern kind, tales told in moving pictures rather than on paper, although I had those as well. I grew up believing in true love, in romance and adventure, in overcoming insurmountable odds to win your heart’s desire. I was a dreamer, I was a romantic, but I never thought fairy tales could come true. I became older, jaded, scarred, scared. I was surviving. There’s no place for fairy tales when you’re surviving. And then I met you.

You taught me how to smile, truly smile, again. You made me feel young, you renewed my hope, you healed my wounds. With you, I learned to live once more, and not just live, but live adventurously. From the start our story was dramatic, our hearts coming together while we lived miles apart. Somehow we made it work, electronic wizardry connecting us daily, our four-wheeled steeds braving the endless roads to bring us together, a couple trips on skyships helping us out when the distances were too much. Through it all, we fell in love, lived in love, and saw that love become a miraculous child.

A year ago, on that breezy April afternoon in DC, as I stood nervous and excited, I looked up and saw you walking toward me, a heavenly vision in white, your dress shimmering, your veil billowing, your smile beaming. I cried—how could I not when I witnessed such beauty?—and I knew, without the shadow of a doubt, that fairy tales do come true.

I could never thank God enough for bringing you into my life. Our story has been the most amazing fairy tale because it is a true tale. We’ve had so many adventures, and we’ll have so many more. When you falter, I catch you, and when I’m adrift, you’re my rock. You make me laugh, and remind me to take naps. You push me to be the best I can be.

We joke that we’re stuck together, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. A year ago I said, “I do,” and I continue to say it every day because every day I find I love you more than the day before, and every day I recommit that love to you, my darling, my sweetheart, my best friend, my person, my wife.

Happy first anniversary, my love. Thank you for showing me fairy tales are real, and for living this tale together with me.

Photo: Us by Michael & Jenna Beard.


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