10 Things I’ve Learned As A Blogger (So Far)

In no particular order.

  1. I really enjoy writing these daily posts. They’ve helped me find my writing voice again.
  2. Blogging keeps me sane, giving my thoughts a place to live that’s not locked inside my head.
  3. I’m okay with the small group of people that read my blog on a regular basis.
  4. That said, I get excited when a particular post gets four or five times the usual number of readers.
  5. Controversial posts always get more readers than thoughtful posts or critical thinking pieces. It’s annoying, but it’s a fact.
  6. I need to be better about replying to comments. My apologies if I approved your comment but haven’t replied to it.
  7. I take special delight in deleting contentious comments. I don’t owe you a platform for that.
  8. I wish more people I know were blogging instead of sending good posts to the algorithmic black hole of social networks.
  9. Blogging daily has lead me to being better informed of current events, and given me the vehicle to think critically about them.
  10. As nice as having readers is, I truly do this blogging thing for myself.


  1. RE: #5. My favorite thing is when people leave negative comments about the posts they don’t like, but never leave positive comments about the ones they do.


    • I may or may not still be a little salty over a particular post I spent some good time thinking about, and which I happen to think is good, only getting a handful of views, while another post, more reactionary in nature, got over 60 views. But, you know, moving on.


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