A Big Announcement

I mentioned that my wife and I were working on a big project and we can finally talk about it.

We are happy to announce that we are expecting our second child in the Fall of 2018!

I am ecstatic about this, just as I am filled with wonder and awe. When my wife told me three years ago that she was pregnant with our daughter, I felt like the most blessed man on Earth. I’d always wanted kids, but already in my late 30s, I had already made peace with not being a father. God has a sense of humor, however, and now my wife and I are parents to a spunky, sassy, smart, beautiful two-year-old girl. Being a father has been the most wonderful experience, even when she drives me bananas, and I thank the Almighty every day.

And now we get to do it all a second time! My wife and I are over the moon (even if we sometimes have moments when we’re like, “oh shit, we’re having another baby!!!”), and our daughter can’t wait to meet her new baby brother or sister.

The real MVP here is my wife, who has to deal with morning (or really, all day) sickness, discomfort, low energy, and cravings that come along with making a new person. She’s my hero, and it’s my mission in life to make her life easier and satisfy every craving she has.

Fall 2018 is gonna be awesome.


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