Organizational Monday

This weekend I spent one day at work, and the other having fun with my wife and daughter at the Florida Strawberry Festival (I didn’t have any strawberry shortcake, but I did have a brisket taco with strawberry pico de gallo that was spectacular). I did not, however, have a chance to sit down and plan, let alone write, the posts for this week. While I don’t always plan everything I’m going to write about ahead of time, I usually come up with topics, titles, and maybe even a few paragraphs to jog my memory once I get to each post. Today’s post is a version of that process, as I tell you about the stuff currently on my mind which will make it onto the blog very soon.

  • There’s a big project cooking up at home that I can’t share yet, but I will be able to talk about it soon.
  • Because of some ongoing conversations in other blogs, and some articles I’ve read lately, the issue of creating your own stuff instead of being only a consumer is foremost on my mind in relation to this blog and my company, Highmoon Press. A manifestation of this idea is the fact that I’ve decided to continue work on my own game system instead of using someone else’s.
  • I have some further thoughts on art as a vehicle for meaningful expression based on some readings and having watched Exit Through the Gift Shop.
  • Black Panther was an awesome movie from start to finish, with good writing, nuanced acting, and great action sequences. It left me saying WOW over and over, and I don’t know if I’ve quite come down from that cloud. I have, however, read a couple of analyses of the movie that show how problematic it is.
  • Dave Ramsey is judging me from my bookshelf because I have let him down lately, I admit. I need to get back on track with my personal finances.
  • As I mentioned, I worked this weekend, which reminds me that there’s so much I wish I could say about nursing as a job and profession, but I don’t because I don’t want to put my job at risk. Between HIPAA laws, and social media monitoring by employers, I’d have to be so careful, so measured, in what I say that it’s better to not say anything at all. Maybe one day that will change.
  • I finished watching Oliver Stone’s The Untold History of the United States on Netflix, and it’s left me with lots to think about. I want to read some reviews of, reactions to, and commentaries about the documentary series before I am ready to talk about it, but preliminarily, it’s left me highly disillusioned about our country.
  • It’s now a little over a month into my decreased use of social media, and all is going wonderfully.  I could still do better, use it even less, so we’ll see where this goes.

There you go, a glimpse into my mind on a Monday morning.