Date Day

My wife and I had a rare weekday off together, and after taking our daughter to daycare, and taking care of an important errand, we decided to make the best of it and have a date day. After all, it was sunny and a cool 55º in Orlando, a perfect day to spend outdoors.

We love to do local tourism and living in Orlando, that sometimes means visiting Disney Springs, the make-believe town marketplace once known as Downtown Disney. It’s a great place to walk around, have some delicious (and overpriced) snacks, browse the multitude of stores full of pretty stuff you don’t really need, and get the Disney experience without a cover charge.

For all that Disney is synonymous with commercialization, I actually love going to Disney Springs, and I revel in the excellent work Disney has done in creating the impression of a lived-in town. My favorite is the working “original” Archimedes’ screw that brings up water from the spring around which the town was founded. It’s a cool piece of engineering, a fun interactive feature, and emblematic of the level of detail Disney goes to immerse visitors into their world.


After Disney Springs, my wife and I spent the afternoon having a great meal and playing arcade games at Dave & Busters. Yes, the games are overpriced, and you play for tickets to get stuff you don’t really need, but it’s a lot of fun, and we both enjoy it. It’s time we get to spend together, just us, time that is increasingly in short supply between work and a toddler. We absolutely love family time, and we take our daughter with us everywhere we go (this weekend we’re going to the Strawberry Festival!), but it’s important to have time for us as well.

I share all this because in a world replete with calamitous stories flying through our social media feeds a mile a minute, it’s also important to celebrate good moments, and to make time to spend with those we love.



    • Agree. Even if it’s all the same consumerism, it creates a better visiting experience. (Also a much better development than when it all was Pleasure Island.)


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