Despite my better judgment, and what I’ve written here about critical thinking and intelligent engagement, I went and did it: I yelled on the internet.

It’s not that it’s a bad post (it’s not), or that what I said didn’t need to be said (it did), but that it was born out of the flare-up of emotions in reaction to a couple of articles. I did minimal research, just enough to make sure everything was what I thought it was, and gave it minimal thought, enough to compose the sentences that expressed my outrage. I should have hit delete.

I don’t regret writing the post, but I also need to hold myself accountable. I’m working on three different posts on topics that are important to me, and I don’t wanna rush any of them just to make a daily deadline. So I’m declaring an interlude so I can give these posts the time they deserve, the thinking they deserve. As I said in my previous post, we have got to be better, and that starts with me.