Scenes From A Coffee Shop

On days when I don’t work and my daughter goes to day care, I tend to indulge myself with a nice, slow breakfast. Some days I’m in the mood for the greasy comfort of Waffle House, other days I want strong Cuban coffee with toasted bread, and then some days I want to hang out at one of the trendy coffee shops in my area (not that there are that many).

Today I’m at Bikes, Beans & Bordeaux, a little place in Audubon Park themed around cycling with great coffee, delicious quiches and Belgian waffles, and when the evening comes around, excellent selection of beers and wines. I don’t normally come here because it’s a little out of the way, but I’m glad I did this morning. Where my other go-to coffee shop was packed, B3 is quiet, allowing me the chance to enjoy my breakfast, and warm up for the day.

The barista behind the counter deftly preps my latte while taking the rest of my order, his hands operating the coffeemaker seemingly on their own. We chat about the quiches available this morning, and I go with the bacon, blue cheese, and caramelized onion one, a bold choice for me. I take a bite while it’s still oven-warm: the sharp, semi-sweet flavor of the blue cheese melds perfectly with the whipped egg, and complements both the smokiness of the bacon, and the sweetness of the onions. Excellent choice.

I sit by the back corner, near a power plug for my aging laptop, where I can see pretty much the entire store. Near me, a young woman in a tie-dye T-shirt taps away at her iMac, lazily picking at her quiche (I wonder if we ordered the same one?), her coffee steaming, half-forgotten, at her side. Every so often she bobs her head to the soul and R&B music playing on the radio.

Two young women sit at a table near the door, talking in hushed tones, then laughing loudly for a few seconds, before going back to the hushed conversation. They call the barista by his first name, so I assume they’re friends or regulars. Their to-go coffee cups never leave their hands, and they sip in between hushes and laughs.

The silent TV on the wall plays the winter Olympics, some weird sport where women ski down a long track, fall prone to shoot a rifle at a long-range target, then continue skiing. No one’s paying attention to it.

A woman walks in ordering an iced latte right from the door while talking on her phone. She pays, then sits at one of the couches to continue her phone conversation. Thankfully she lowers her voice as slumps back on the cushions.

This is regular life. Each of us here today is going about our day, enjoying some peace and quiet in this nice coffee shop before moving on to whatever else the day has in store. Some days it’s good to enjoy the little things: a good cup of coffee, a savory quiche for breakfast, having time to sit and observe the normal rhythms of life.

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”
~ Ferris Bueller