Hit Delete

A couple of things happened over the last few days that got me worked up enough to write posts about them. One was something that happened at work, and the subsequent comment and reply I got about it on Twitter; the other one, reading about the current fandom-gate kerfuffle on the various social networks.

I wrote almost a whole post on the former event, and made a good number of notes on the second one, for later posting this week. And after all that was done, I sat back and realized I was just huffing and puffing, venting, not adding anything of substance. So I went to my Drafts folder, and I hit delete on both posts.

There are constructive and intelligent ways to comment on political and social issues affecting society at large (and by default, our hobby fandoms). My friend Berin Kinsman does a great job of it via his zine HUBRIS: The Journal of Cultural Horror, for example. But these two posts were nothing of the sort, they were just me blowing smoke. We don’t need more of that. Deleting my words is a very small price to pay for knowing that I am not adding more fuel to the fire.

Never be afraid to hit delete. You can always write more words, intelligent and well thought-out words that create conversation and foster understanding (bonus points if they also help you vent at the same time).

Photo by Ervins Strauhmanis, CC BY 2.0.

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  1. […] It’s not that it’s a bad post (it’s not), or that what I said didn’t need to be said (it did), but that it was born out of the flare-up of emotions in reaction to a couple of articles. I did minimal research, just enough to make sure everything was what I thought it was, and gave it minimal thought, enough to compose the sentences that expressed my outrage. I should have hit delete. […]


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