Tools For My Online Peace Of Mind

As I already mentioned in previous posts, I both have lessened my social media use, and have come back to my own space to have greater control over my online environment. However, I still push links back to my blog posts on my social networks to invite my followers and friends back to my virtual porch, and keep tabs on any comments left on my notifications in said networks, mostly as a courtesy to friends and family.

That said, I have four powerful tools at my disposal to help me achieve and maintain my online peace of mind: Delete, Mute, Unfollow, and Block. These are my fantastic four of online zen, my guardians of peace and quiet in my social spaces. I love these tools for the wonderful job they do in taking care of annoyances. I love them and I use them liberally.

Even better, for the most part, I get to use them without people knowing that I have. But whether they know or not is irrelevant, because I don’t owe anyone an explanation. They’re tools meant to help me have a better time in my online spaces, and I don’t need or have to justify what makes my space better.

And the best part? We all have access to these tools! Use them on random people leaving upsetting comments on your posts. Use them on that family member with the diehard support for the current administration. Heck, use them on me if I annoy you. But use them. Your, and my, peace of mind is worth it.


    • It’s not the post I had ready for today, but after having to use my tools last night, it was necessary, if only as a reminder to myself.


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