In The Mood For Science Fiction

Looking back at the books I’ve read over the last two years, it seems I have been in a low-key science fiction kick. It’s interesting because I always think of myself as a fantasy-first kinda guy, meaning that yes I like sci-fi, but I tend to default to fantasy for my entertainment. Looking at the books I’ve read in the last two years, there are lots of non-fiction titles included, especially once I converted back to Christianity and started learning about my faith anew. There are lots of graphic novels, and here fantasy does reign supreme, ranging from magical adventure to supernatural modern to dark fantasy. But when it comes to fiction, it’s overwhelmingly skewed towards the sci-fi end of the speculative fiction spectrum.

When it comes to gaming, I’ve always been more drawn towards fantasy than sci-fi, maybe because Dungeons & Dragons was my first roleplaying game, maybe because I feel when it comes to fantasy, anything goes. Magic is magic, and it can do anything! I’ve enjoyed my fair share of sci-fi gaming, don’t get me wrong, but when rolling dice, fantasy tends to win.

When I started writing, my first attempts were fantasy stories, some based on our games, and I think it was for the same reason. With magic, anything could go. I could just make up a story, and magic allowed me to bend the laws of reality to my needs. No rules, just awesomeness. Science fiction, on the other hand, has rules; the science part of the name is there for a reason. You can make stuff up, but there’s some sort of science backing it all up. When there isn’t, it’s just fantasy with lasers and starships (e.g. Star Wars). I could read science fiction, but I’m not a scientist, so writing it was out.

Right now, I’m discovering I’m in the mood for some science fiction, both in my reading and in my writing. I’m in the mood for spaceships and distant planets, for alien civilizations and mind-bending technology, for stories set in futures that inform my present.

I have a couple of sci-fi novels on Kindle ready for when I finish the book I’m reading right now, including the third installment in a series I have been reading over the last two years, and a recent story that I can only classify as religious sci-fi. I’d love to find some good space opera as well. As for writing, I have this tale that I’ve been trying to tell for years now, of a young woman, captain of a ship, and the unexpected adventures she gets into after picking up a stowaway that may very well be the key to humanity’s transcendence.

Artwork by David Revoy, CC BY 3.0.

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