A Lost Song Found

Five years ago, while drinking a beer at a bar in South Beach, I heard this one song. I didn’t know it, but the melody caught my attention above the noise in the crowded room. I couldn’t make out the lyrics, I couldn’t identify it with Shazam on time, and the bartender was too busy to check the Pandora listing. I went on with my night, remembering only little bits of the song, not enough to figure the track or have someone help me, but enough to be haunted by it. My mind tried to keep replaying it, but it was a losing battle; the notes became more ethereal with each passing moment until I could only remember a vague shadow of the cool song I’d heard. In a few days, it was only this ghost song that I couldn’t recall, a really cool song lost to my imperfect memory. I figured that maybe one day I’d hear it again, but in truth, I gave it up as lost.

A few days ago while driving back home from work, I had YouTube playing one of their video mixes. I normally skip through these mixes to the songs I know, but this time I wasn’t paying attention and let it play through uninterrupted. This next song comes on with a string section, followed by a sad guitar riff. Something in my mind awakens. The song starts, and the vocalist sings in a melancholic tone full of sadness and longing and pain. My eyes open wide, my pulse quickens, and I outright yell out inside my car, “THIS IS THAT SONG!!!”

Five years later, I finally found that lost song.

I’m in love with this song. It’s so melancholic, full of the pain embodied by the maxim “It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” The music is a journey, starting with a couple instruments, building up with the tempest of the words’ emotions into a full-on wall of sound that then collapses in exhaustion into a single guitar. Such a beautiful song.

I never knew of this band before this moment. I only heard this one song of theirs that one time, and then nothing until now. What a shame that has been, because not only is this one single phenomenal, pretty much everything I’ve heard from them is fantastic. Check out these two other tracks I’ve been playing a lot as well.