I Have A PS4!

For Christmas, my wife surprised me with a PlayStation 4, and I was in shock. I’d been wanting one for years prior, but I always put it aside in favor of more pragmatic needs, especially once we learned we were expecting our daughter. When she asked me what I wanted to Christmas, I didn’t even think of mentioning the console, let alone asked for it. I mean yeah, part of me wanted it, but I was being realistic and pragmatic as a husband and father should be. I did, however, tell Santa Claus when we met him for pics with my daughter. My wife later told me that she heard me tell Santa, and she freaked out that maybe her surprise was ruined. It wasn’t. I won’t lie, I even teared up.

I’m loving having a video game console again, even if my time to game is extremely limited. At the moment I have three games, all of which I like for different reasons.

  1. Uncharted 4 came with the console, and I’m glad because it’s fantastic. I love the modern Indiana Jones vibe of the story, and I greatly enjoy the exploration aspect of the game. I’ll definitely be picking up the Uncharted Collection containing the first three games in the series.
  2. My wife also got me Star Wars: Battlefront, the first one, as part of my gift, and what can I say, it’s Star Wars! I suck at it so far–I keep flying my X-Wings into the ground, and my speeder bikes into the trees–but getting to play in the Star Wars universe, sometimes with the major characters, I mean, what’s not to like?
  3. I just picked up LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens because I love the LEGO video games from my days owning a Wii. I just started this one, but it’s as familiar as I expected it to be, and just as fun as I remember. Plus, it’s a 2-player game, so I can play it with my wife!

I have a decent list of games to check out eventually, and some of them seem spectacular (Horizon Zero Dawn and Persona 5, I’m looking at you).

As much as I recently wrote about getting back into creating stories of my own, sometimes I want to kick back and track some pirate treasure across the globe, or smash some virtual LEGO bricks while playing through the Star Wars movies. Besides, there are some interesting stories being told via the video game medium which I look forward to learning from.

Do you have a favorite PS4 game you’d like to recommend?


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