Dusting Off The Dice

Over the last few years, between going to nursing school, getting divorced, working as a nurse, moving all over the Midwest, having a baby, and getting married, my gaming life took quite the hit to the point of becoming virtually, then entirely, nonexistent. I made my peace with this, and have been content to redirect my interests to other areas, while gaming vicariously through my friends in social media-land who are still very much active. But lately something has changed.

I’ve been working on gaining better control of my life, on living intentionally, for some time now, especially when it comes to the use of my time. As I identify my priorities, I assign time to them in order of importance, and this had led me to reorganize my activities to better use this finite commodity. Much like with the budgeting I have been doing in the financial area of my life, I have found that when I assign my time to my priorities intentionally, I end up with a time surplus that I thought wasn’t there before. Which means I can incorporate new pursuits without sacrificing those that are vital to me.

One of the things I’ve been craving is to engage in creative work once more. In my case, creating takes two forms: writing (both fiction and non-fiction), and game designing. I have done neither in years, and I want to, need to, get back to it. Which is what the title of this post alludes to.

As I write this, Gen Con 50 is starting in Indianapolis, Indiana (like, literally, as I write this sentence, it’s 10:00 AM EST, the official opening time for Gen Con). This time of year always has an effect on me, whether I am actively gaming or not, just because of the sheer celebration of gaming, and the energy that spills all over the gaming world as a result. So I’m using that energy to power my relaunch, so to speak.

61Gr5zqkacLThis week I purchased my first gaming book in a couple years, Green Ronin’s Fantasy AGE RolePlaying Game. I’ve been a fan of the system ever since it was first introduced in the Dragon Age RPG back in 2010 (I even ran a blog for the game for a couple years), so I know I’m gonna like this game. I want to read it, make some characters, dream up adventures, and hopefully take it to the table for a spin or two. If I’m lucky, maybe I’ll have some ideas for new game designs based off the rules of the game. I’m giddy, which is something I haven’t been in relation to gaming for a while. Beyond this, I also have some ideas brewing for a new game something–not sure if a campaign, an adaptation of a game, or a whole new game–based on stuff I worked on years ago, and new concepts I’ve picked up along the way and have been thinking about a lot lately. I’m not going to put pressure on myself about this, but I’m interested and excited to keep thinking about it to see what happens.

So in a figurative sense, that’s what this post’s title is all about, although it’s also a very real reference of me getting my dice out of the box in the closet and dusting off the box I keep them in (the pic is of my actual dice). May they roll once again very soon.