Scattered Thoughts

My mind is jumbly of late for a lot of reasons, and it’s affecting my writing. I want to write about a variety of subjects that I’ve been thinking about, but I can’t still my thoughts long enough to make them coherent for the page. It’s frustrating, to say the least, so I want to jot down some bullet points that I can (hopefully) return to later in depth.

  • My church, Summit Church, is doing a combination sermon and speaker series during the month of March called Justice/InJustice in which we look at the topic of justice from a Biblical perspective, and from a social perspective. God is a God of Justice, and the theme runs through Scripture from beginning to end. As followers of God we are called to bring His justice to the world through our acts. As followers of Jesus, we are called to live as He lived, and Jesus’ life is all about Justice for the poor, the downtrodden, the needy. We must not only learn the lessons about justice that God gives us through His word, but also apply them to our immediate surroundings, our communities, our world. I love that Summit is doing this now, and while they are staying away from politics, focusing on Godly words and actions, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that it is happening while the United States, as a political entity, is putting out a message of discrimination, segregation, isolation, and xenophobia. Today’s topic was on Poverty, and I left services with lots on my mind, and lots to read. I will definitely return to this topic, and speak more about the series in general.
  • Due to a conversation I had recently with a loved one, I’ve been thinking about Jewishness, both Jesus’ and mine. It’s a big topic, and one that, at least on the personal side of the equation, I have avoided thinking about while I get settled into my new Christian life. In terms of Jesus’ Jewishness, though, it’s a topic I have been thinking about for over a decade, yet remains a complicated one to hash out. Not sure when I’ll come back to this, but I want to acknowledge that it’s there, present, rolling around in my head.
  • I’m forever thinking about how to live a Godly life, not just in a general way, but in the details of daily living. As a nurse, many would think that this is easy, but it’s actually far more challenging than I care to admit. And how about in my hobbies? In my family life? This is an ongoing process, one that takes up a lot of mental real estate.
  • I continue to struggle to find people with whom to share my faith journey. I know that one of the solutions is to join a small group through my church, but I acknowledge that this is something I’ve yet to do and that I have some self-imposed hurdles to overcome.

That’ll do for now.