[Review] Drift: How To Defeat The Accidental Drift In Your Life!

Drift: How to Defeat The Accidental Drift In Your Life! by Scott Clevenger

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

I picked up this book while visiting Christ’s Church Camden where the author is the pastor. The topic of the book intrigued me, and since I liked his message that day, and the way in which he delivered it, I decided to read what he had to say about living an intentional life.

I really enjoyed this book. Clevenger’s words read like you are sitting around chatting with a friend; the topic is deep, but the conversation is light and friendly. Clevenger’s goal with his book is to help us live an intentional life centered around Jesus and His teachings. In order to do so, we must learn to identify, and defeat, the drift that crawls upon us. We are influenced by a host of factors and forces in our lives, and these affect our thoughts, our emotions, and our actions, many times in ways that are counterproductive to living a good life, an intentional life. It happens to everyone, and Clevenger has many examples from his own life to show that not even pastors are immune!

The book is divided into chapters that tackle different ways to defeat the drift, from learning to properly read your bible and how to pray and worship, to how to connect with your church and people in your life, to taking control of your finances and your own story, to confronting, and hopefully overcoming, hurt and loss. Clevenger doesn’t offer magical formulas, but good and solid advice in how to look at these areas, identify any possible drift affecting them, and how to start bringing them back under intentional control under Christ-centered ways.

I love the idea of living an intentional life, a life that has a goal, where my steps are directed, where I’m walking and not stumbling. As a new Christian, I want my new life to have meaning and direction, and Clevenger’s advice is helpful in creating a map of where I would like to go and what it will take to get there in both private and public areas of my life.

Drift is an uplifting read that acknowledges the mistakes we make in life, the moments when we stumble and fall, but offers a hand to help us stand up and steady our gait as we keep moving.


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