A Sci-Fi End to September: Reading, Planning, Writing 9/30/16


  • Hyperion, by Dan Simmons. I wasn’t looking to read sci-fi. This year I’ve been on a mission to read a number of books on religion for personal reasons, which I’ve sprinkled with some fantasy fiction here and there. But an idea was born in my mind, and in doing research related to it, I came across this novel. And I’m so glad I did! Part sci-fi Canterbury Tales, part futuristic homage to Keats, and completely engrossing on its own merit, Hyperion has been a fantastic surprise. I wasn’t looking to read sci-fi, but what a great treat it has been so far. (Corollary: This book actually intersects and relates to my year-long mission in very interesting ways.)


  • Continuing to mentally sketch out the story idea I mentioned last time. Reading Hyperion is actually research for this project.
  • Getting ready for the High Holy Days, which start next week. Lots of thoughts about this in my head, some of which will likely end up on my religion blog, Wrestling With The Angel.


  • These blog posts. I’m in absorption mode right now, taking in lots of raw data to later turn into words stringed together into coherent sentences upon the page.