Reading, Planning, Writing 9/23/16

After spending over a month on my last book, in the last week or so I managed to finish two books!

  • The Fifth Season, by NK Jemisin, a fantasy novel unlike any I’ve read before, with a solid grounding (pun intended, for those that know) in science, yet truly magical in a way I hadn’t seen a novel be in a long while. Full review coming soon.
  • The Invisibles Book One Deluxe Edition, by Grant Morrison and various artists. It’s urban magic mixed with magical realism mixed with real-world esoteric influences mixed with etc. It wasn’t for me. It felt jumbled, and rough, and it simply did not hook me.


  • Kinda-sorta sketching in my mind a new story about a ship and its crew. At first I wasn’t sure if it would be a game or a piece of fiction, fantasy or sci-fi, but over the last few days ideas have taken hold of me, and I know the direction I want to explore. More later.


  • Nothing right now except whatever I have to write at work. Need to change that.