Burning Inspiration Is Everywhere

Listen, I’m gonna fanboy a little on my friend Judd Karlman, specifically as it relates to Burning Wheel. As far as I’m concerned, he’s the quintessential GM for the Burning Wheel RPG. I’ve only played with him once, and it was enough to cement that as Gospel Truth, never mind the countless threads and posts I’ve read from him that support such a statement.

He has this series of posts called Situation Mining, in which he “grab[s] some idea, piece of media, or Paizo’s Adventure Path and mine out of it what [he’d] want to use as inspiration for a Burning Wheel game with links and pre-made characters.” His latest one concerns the toppling of Tiamat’s five chosen kings (see above image), and the one before on House Mormont from Game of Thrones, specifically on the dynamics of the young Lady Mormont. And there’s more.

These are simply brilliant in their distillation of what makes for an awesome adventure, and who the player characters would be. And his prompts on writing Beliefs for these ready-made player characters are great instruction on how to write Beliefs for Burning Wheel that directly address the situation, and give depth to the character. As a new Burning Wheel GM, this is valuable education.

Take a look at Judd’s Situation Mining posts because they’re great, but also because they teach you how inspiration for Burning Wheel is everywhere, waiting for you to seize it.