Rolling The Dice Again

It’s been eight months since the last time I played a roleplaying game, quite a bit longer since I last ran one. For a while, I was pretty sure I was done with gaming as an active part of my life, especially after two lukewarm experiences at conventions. Via social media, I keep my foot in the gaming pool, enjoying it all vicariously through my friends that have regular games.

But earlier this year, I got bit by the gaming bug again. I had this urge to not just play, but run a game of Burning Wheel, and I asked my friends Mick and Judd if they were interested. I think it took them barely a nanosecond to say yes! At the time I was still living in Milwaukee and going to school online (not to mention learning to be a father to a 2-month old baby), so it was proposed as something for later in the year. Mind you, it didn’t stop us from going on a frenzy of posts as we settled down on what type of game we would play, along with some early world-building. Time passed, the flames dwindled into embers as regular life went on, but the fire never died. And now we’re ready.

In the next week or so we will start our game, Pirates of the Burning Seas, a Burning Wheel game set in an age of seafaring exploration, trading, and piracy. Starting out in the city of Porto Azurro, the characters, young rebel aristocrat Aldo Roranzo, and sun-weathered buccaneer Jacob Salt, will set out to find their fates, and test their mettle against the waters of the Inner Sea.

We will be playing via our Goggle+ Community, and have set the campaign home at Obsidian Portal.

Let’s get ready to set the seas aflame.