Talking About Faith & Religion

For some time now, I have been writing openly about faith and religion over on my Google+ account. I chose that platform due to having a limited audience made up of people who in general are open to conversations about more serious subjects in a respectful manner. Even so, when I first decided to start posting on the subject, I was reserved and hesitant, maybe even a little afraid that my posts would not be well received, or worse, attacked. The geek-o-sphere (at least the environs I inhabit and interact with) isn’t generally religious, and there are elements that are downright offensive towards believers. Those I usually interact with are always respectful, but the potential was there. It took me a bit to accept that risk, to be comfortable with the possibility, and then to ignore it, to simply focus on what I needed to say, not on what others maybe could/would say.

It wasn’t, isn’t, easy, I have to say. Although I’ve always been upfront about my faith and my religious journey, it’s normally in conversation, in person, not in writing, not in a public forum. But the thing is that I like to talk about the subject, and I want to be able to explore different facets of it. Hopefully others of like mind will join in the conversation, but if not, that’s fine as well. This is about my journey.

Now I’m taking the next step: although I will continue to post to Google+ (where you are welcomed to follow me), some of those posts will also find their way here, to my blog, to my public forum. You are very welcomed to join in the conversation.