Goals for 2015

A few years ago I stopped making New Year resolutions, because in all honesty, I suck at seeing them through. I do like the idea of goals, however. They are more attainable, and my ratio of achieved vs abandoned is a lot better. Last year my only stated goal as I started 2014 was to make it through. Along the way I added some more concrete ones, like get furniture for my apartment, take a mini-break in DC, begin my BSN program, all of which I achieved. Emboldened by that streak of successes, I’d like to set myself a few concrete goals for 2015 right from the start.

  1. Get back to writing. It’s no coincidence that I’ve started blogging again; I need to get myself back to the keyboard, back to words. I love Nursing, but I also love Writing, and I’ve neglected the latter for a few years now. So I want to get back to writing regularly, so I can get my mind back in Writer mode, my fingers flying over the letter keys, my words flowing in sentences other than “Patient A+Ox4. C/O pain in RLE, PRN oxycodone 10mg given at 1430, Pt reported relief.”
  2. Get back to game writing. Related to the above goal, I’d like to get back into writing for games. This one is tricky because I’ve been out of gaming for a while, so it involves a related goal of getting back into gaming as well. However, I’ve been dipping my toes back in the gaming pool since last summer, and I know that what I want is to write material for Fate Accelerated Edition, so there’s some focus here.
  3. Edit my first novel. I want to finally edit my finished first novel, written for NaNoWriMo 2011. It needs the edit for sure, but overall I feel it is a good story that needs to be done and set free out into the world. This is the year I want to do that.
  4. Finish my Bachelors of Science in Nursing. I’m already enrolled in the RN-to-BSN program, so this is a matter of completing all my classes, putting up with forced group projects and APA Style papers and annoying PowerPoint presentations, until I’m done. Depending on whether some classes I took before transfer or not, this goal may actually be finished in 2016, but that’ll just be the tail end of it, just like the start of it was in 2014. The meaty center happens in 2015, and I intend to devour that meat down to the bone (sorry, I’m hungry).
  5. Visit Puerto Rico. It’s been over 5 years since I last went to the island, and I miss my family and my homeland. I want to–need to–go back this year, to see my grandparents, my aunts and uncle and cousins, visit my parents’ graves, and recharge my Puerto Rican batteries (la mancha de platano, for those that know).

These five goals are a good start for me, as I think they are very doable with some planning and perseverance. I certainly have more goals in mind, especially on the personal/relationship arena, but those I’ll keep to myself for the time being.

As I’ve said before, I am excited about 2015!