A Bad Day

Yesterday was a bad day.

Not only was I already feeling sick, when I went to work I found out State was all over our facility. I had a surveyor follow me during my morning med pass, and although I tried to be cool and just do my job, enough things went wrong that I got rattled and nervous. The State surveyor then latched on to me and started hovering, questioning everything I did, making me even more nervous, and late. Eventually he nailed me on two 8am meds that I failed to see when I did my check of the MAR after report and had to skip, since it was already 11am. This led to a citation for the facility, and a Medication Error write-up for me.

My coworkers and superiors were very nice and supportive. The administrators in particular were understanding and stood by me, even when they acknowledge that I had made an error and would be sanctioned. I still felt terrible; I hate letting others down. So now I need to do some Continuing Education credits on Med Administration before my next work day this weekend.

I was late, I admit it. I was late because of a lot of factors, starting with morning report taking an hour, to me helping out my fellow floor nurse while she was also Nurse Supervisor for the day and had to deal with call-offs, to me orienting the student nurses we had on our floor on the patients they would be able to learn the most, to me taking the time to listen to my patients as I deliver their meds. Not to mention being unit secretary and answering phone calls as well as making them for a myriad of reasons.

The really sad part? The State surveyor wasn’t even a nurse himself, so there was no understanding from him about what it takes to have 12 patients under your care.