CincinnatiThere’s a lot of new things in my life lately, from a new city, a new job, a new apartment, and now a new cat gotten just a day before the new year. New surrounds me. It’s fitting; in many ways, I am a new me. Oh, I’m still the same Daniel at my core, but there have been enough changes in my life in a short enough period of time that a new Me had to be created in order to survive. That’s pretty much all I did for the second half of 2013 – survive.

I’m not surviving anymore. I’m living.

Historically I’ve never been a big fan of change. In theory, it sounds grand, but in practice I tended to steer away from it. The new Me still feels a little like that, but I don’t mind it one bit anymore. I welcome it in many instances. I love seeing people’s faces when they learn that I moved from Miami/Orlando to Cincinnati for a job. They look at me like I have three eyes and fifteen horns. It makes me realize how many people are simply adverse to adventure anymore. Because that’s what this move is, an adventure. And that’s how I approach it every day, especially those days when something completely new to me shows up, whether it was my first snowstorm (the day I moved into my new apartment, no less), or the below-0° blast a couple days ago.

I’m embracing New, especially a New that honors and learns from what came before in order to improve. It’s all I really want to do in life right now, learn and improve. I want to be better than I was, I want to rectify what and who I was, so who I am from here on is better all around. It’s a daily project, and one of the worthiest of all.

I’ll be sharing about all the new things in my life, from my job to my cat, in between 12+-hour shifts at work, naps, and random explorations of Cincinnati.

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  1. Adjustment is hard, but yeah, the very clear distinction between surviving and going through the motions and really starting to live again is drastic! Stay warm, my brother!


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