It’s a time for change. The year is ending, we have a new Doctor Who, so what better time than right now, then?

This has been a year of changes. Big changes. Life-altering changes.

I began the year in Miami, a nursing student, an emotional mess. Along the way I graduated nursing school, achieving something I thought almost impossible at times. Along the way I also got separated from my wife, and two months later, divorced. Along the way I moved to Orlando, an emotional mess, and became a licensed RN. Along the way I became a school nurse in a high school, moved into a shared house with roommates that tried my patience on a daily basis. Along the way I lost–nay, threw away–my Judaism, then realized it was a far more integral part of me than I had thought. Along the way I fought with G-d, raged, cried, fell down, got up. Along the way I made new friends, which led me to visit Ohio, which led me to accept a job offer in Cincinnati. Along the way I packed my car, and drove 2000 miles, from Orlando, Florida, to Cincinnati, Ohio, visiting friends on my way north. Along the way I started a new job, moved into a new apartment, began a new life. I end the year in Cincinnati, a registered nurse, an emotional mess.

But I’m getting better.

One day I will make my peace with 2013. It’ll take time, but I will. In the meantime, 2014 is just three days away, and while I will continue to work in sorting out my past, it will not stop me from living my present.

It’s a time for change. I welcome it.



  1. A massive year; going from Student Nurse to Registered Nurse is a positive. Here’s to a better year in 2014.


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