End of Spring Semester: Encore

Though we’re officially in the Summer semester at school, I was still taking MedSurg up until the first day of June, when I had my final exam. I needed to get an 85% or higher on that final in order to pass the class, due to that F I got earlier in the year.

I took my test, went out with some friends, got drunk really early in the day as I could barely stand the suspense. Then around 1 PM I got the email.

It read: Congratulations. See you Monday in Pediatrics.

I passed!!! I was so happy I was laughing and crying at the same time. Unreal.

I got a C in the class, passed it and can continue on with the summer specialties: Pediatrics, OB and Community Nursing.


  1. Excellent news, congratulations indeed! Must have done very well on that final exam to lift your total grade up to C following the earlier F.


    • It was only one F, but those suckers sink GPAs like nothing. Yeah, I was calculating that I must’ve gotten like a 90 or so in my exam, which is awesome.


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