Introducing #MiaMundo, A New Bilingual Series

My wife works for Telemundo, the oldest Spanish-language television network in the US, and has done so for over 10 years, most recently in the general Marketing area. I normally don’t talk about my wife’s job at all either here or in social media since I would rather avoid a situation where my words could affect her work. Today, however (and with her permission), I am breaking that silence to tell you about her new project.

Mia Mundo is a short-form bilingual web series for the modern (Hispanic-American) young professional.

What does that mean?

  • Mia Mundo is a 13-episode series (as in American TV-style series, not a novela) created to air primarily on the web, with each episode being 4-5 minutes, and a finale that will show as a 1-hour special on Mun2, Telemundo’s cable channel.
  • It basically follows the format of a romantic comedy, combining a dramatic storyline with some comedic moments; think Sex And The City and you’re in the right ballpark.
  • The series is bilingual, mostly in English with Spanish sprinkled throughout, reflecting the reality of the modern Hispanic-American, and it will be subtitled for all audiences.
  • Most importantly, it was created from the start to portray and appeal to the modern Hispanic-American crowd, especially the female demographic, though it is also general enough to appeal to the young professional crowd at large, Hispanic or not.

See, Mia is an acronym for Modern Independent Achiever, one of the psychographic segments of US Hispanics identified by a study done by Telemundo Media and Starcom MediaVest Group. As this article on Broadcast & Cable puts it, the series was built with an audience in mind, literally.

Mia is young, educated, independent, professional, and trying to find the balance between career and love life. She is not a damsel in distress, she is not a victim waiting to be rescued by her man, she is not an ever-crying sex object, all of which are overdone stereotypes in Spanish-language novelas. Mia’s conflict is that of a person who seeks to have a real balance between all sides of her being, and while she deals with dramatic situations in all arenas, she is never a victim. If anything, Mia’s goal in life is to realize that being independent doesn’t mean standing alone against the world. I know a lot of Mias out there. I’ve seen their struggles for years, and I know this series reflects their stories.

I do not, in general, like Spanish-language television programming, mainly because I don’t feel it talks to me. Telemundo has been trying for a few years now to find ways to engage the young Hispanic generation, and I feel that with Mia Mundo they have the first legitimate chance at succeeding. Yes, I am biased because my wife is part of the team that has been busting their assess to put this series together, but that doesn’t change what I believe. After all, I have never felt the need to tell you about any of the myriad other projects my wife has been involved in.

It might be easy to dismiss this series as a marketing ploy, but it isn’t. Though Mia had its origins in marketing research, the creating team has worked hard to produce a bona fide story that is entertaining and fun to watch[ref]Marketing/Advertising enthusiasts, however, will surely love the “branded entertainment” aspect, and can read more in about it from Broadcast & Cable and from the New York Times.[/ref]. Which is why I would love for everyone to watch it and give it a chance. Take 5 minutes to watch it and rate it. You could be helping to usher in a new era in Spanish-language television and for sure will be rewarding the hard work that has been put into this series.

Mia Mundo Episode 1: Listen To Your Heart is now available for viewing at the Mia Mundo website (and on YouTube after a short delay). New episodes appear every Thursday at 8:00 PM Eastern.